How To Spend On Kitchen Remodel

When planning a kitchen remodel, there are so many choices to make! Deciding where to splurge and where to save can help you create a beautiful, functional space while also maximizing your return on investment.
If you’re not quite sure about the best ways to spend your kitchen renovation money, you’re in the right place. Here’s a look at some of the top tips to help you get the most out of your kitchen renovation project.

1. Countertops

Many experts believe that countertops are the number one place to splurge when planning a kitchen remodel. Gorgeous countertops make a great first impression. They can also add a stunning visual element to your kitchen design and set the tone for the entire room.

If you can’t fit the countertops you want into your budget, consider adding a stunning island countertop instead. The island is often the center of entertainment in the kitchen, making this a great place to add beautiful lava stone, marble, natural quartzite, or other high-end countertop materials.


2. Backsplash

Much like countertops, the kitchen’s backsplash can double as an attention-grabbing statement piece. There are so many options to choose from, it’s easy to create a focal point without completely blowing your budget. In this case, just a small touch of special tile can go a long way. This is also a fun way to add a bit of style and personality to your kitchen design.

Natural stone or sheets porcelain that look like marble are great choices. Both offer a touch of elegance while also providing durability and ensuring your backsplash area is easy to clean.


3. Island

If your kitchen doesn’t already have an island, this is a great investment. Not only is it typically the first thing people see when they walk into the kitchen, but it also gives you extra space for food preparation, dining, and storage. Islands are a big selling point for most buyers, so this is a great way to boost your home’s resale value.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to have enough room in your kitchen to ensure your island is functional. Your contractor can help you evaluate your available space and decide whether adding an island makes sense for you.



4. Ventilation

No matter what else you do, make sure you don’t skimp on the ventilation! While this doesn’t add any visual style to your kitchen, it will help keep airborne particles, food odors, and other cooking debris out of the air. Instead of choosing an option that filters and recirculates air back into your home, if possible, select a setup that directly vents to the outdoors. As long as your have the space and ability to properly ventilate your kitchen, this upgrade is always worth the extra money.


5. Lighting

If your kitchen lighting leaves a lot to be desired, it will take away from the other features you’ve spent so much time and energy selecting. A bright, bold light fixture can make an impactful design statement while also adding functionality and a sense of style. However, this is often not enough. You’ll also need to make sure you have sufficient  task lighting over countertops and sinks.

Under-cabinet lighting requires significant electrical work, so it’s smart to include this in your kitchen remodeling plans. Since it’s difficult to add this feature after the fact, installing it now could make your home more attractive to future buyers.


6. Appliances

New appliances are often part of a kitchen renovation, but it’s typically not necessary to splurge on top-of-the-line options. This is especially true if you’re trying to stay within a set budget. There are plenty of mid- to upper-range appliances made by reputable manufacturers and these are suitable for most homeowners.

Whether you choose affordable or luxury brands, be careful not to give into the temptation to add too many bells and whistles. This can add unnecessary costs, which may prevent you from being able to afford other kitchen features you really want.


5. Cabinet Hardware

Your cabinet hardware is the “jewelry” of your kitchen. While you don’t want to go overboard, a few high-quality pieces can add a classy touch to the space. Since you’ll likely open and close your cabinets multiple times every day, make sure you choose pieces that feel nice in your hand and will easily stand up to the rigors of daily use.


6. Windows

If you’re planning a full “down-to-the-studs” kitchen remodel, now is a great time to think about adding some extra widows. There’s nothing quite like the warmth and beauty that comes from flooding your kitchen with natural light.

While the cost of windows can certainly add up, if you love the idea of a bright, sunny kitchen space, now is the time to make your move.


Maximize Your Kitchen Remodeling Budget  

When planning your kitchen remodel, remember that there are a wide range of options to help you achieve the aesthetics and functionality you’re looking for. This makes it easy to save in some areas so you can splurge in others. Being willing to make some trade-offs will allow you to create a kitchen space with all of the “must have” features you’ve been dreaming of for years.  



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